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Why I created a blog and why you should too.

1) What do search engines tell when someone search your name?

Stop reading this article for a moment. Open a new tab, search your name on google. Come back after you check those results.

Now, either you are still reading this without doing what I asked you to do, or you actually did and didn’t return to read the rest 😂

I honestly love you if you googled your name and came back to read this. 😄😘

Now, google the name of a popular person you know.

What is the difference you see in the results?

You would probably see more search results than their social media accounts.

You might see their website, press releases, interviews & guest postings on other websites.

The results you see when you google a name tells a story about that person.

If you are maintaining a good online presence other than social media, people will see what kind of a person you are and your domain expertise.

So it’s important to look for more ways to improve your online presence and search results.

Having your own blog and guest posting on other websites will be a good start for you to build your personal brand.

2) Build your network and let people have a deeper understanding of you.

A blog is one of the ways you can strengthen the connection you have with people. It’s important that you write and create original content.

When you share your thoughts & ideas, your audience will see what kind of a person you are.

It’s important to show who you are, what you believe & what made you be who you are today.

Stories & cultures are the things that connect people. It builds trust.

When you need someone to work with you, would you pick a familiar face or a totally strange face?

People who believe what you believe will gather around you. You will be attracting like-minded people.

Show what’s in your mind and tell stories. Share what’s valuable to your audience.

3) An opportunity to tell your story

People attract good personalities even more than they attract to what you offer. That’s why telling your story is important.

Your story is what makes you unique from everyone else.

Of course, you can do it using social media without having a blog. But you don’t have the freedom and flexibility to customize the platform as you want.

Having your own website will give you all the freedom to show your personality through your content and appearance. The whole space is yours. Don’t just tell, show who you are.

It's not social media vs blog. It's both

Having your own website is like having your own house. Social media is like going to a meetup to socialize with people.

We network with people in the meetup, develop a good understanding with them, and once we have enough trust, we invite them to our house for dinner.

Not to sell stuff. But to strengthen the relationship.

That’s exactly what we should do with our online presence.

We network on social media platforms and then invite people to visit our blog so that they can get more value.

If someone would like to learn more about who we are, we have everything prepared on our website.

Okay, you decide to create a blog. But don't know what to write?

Share what you know.

Share what you are passionate about.

And most importantly, share what is valuable to your audience.

Don’t make it a job. Then you will get tired sooner than you would imagine.

90% of the articles I wrote are not planned & neither written with the purpose of posting something on my blog.

My secret is, I take notes whenever I come up with good ideas.

Don’t you come up with great thoughts when you take a shower?

Haven’t you had at least a single night you couldn’t sleep thinking about moments of your life?

What about when you travel? Don’t you have conversations with yourself inside your mind?

I take notes when I have these moments. What you read in my articles are those thoughts and conversations I had with myself.

When your mind comes up with something, don’t let it forget. Write everything. Paint that picture on a paper.

You can have your own notebook to write down your thoughts. But I personally prefer an app on my smartphone.

It’s easier to manage, you have it with you wherever you go and it’s easier for you to check spellings or grammar when you edit it. Also it’s easier for us to search and find what we previously wrote.

I use Google Keep.

When you write what comes to your mind, it won’t be another job. You don’t have to push yourself to create content to maintain your blog.

Which platform should you choose?

There are many platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace.

I would personally go for a WordPress site. Because Blogger is a bit outdated and lacks features. Wix and SquareSpace can be easier to use compared to WordPress but still it’s expensive.

There is a slight learning curve when it comes to WordPress. But there are more than enough tutorials which guide you through step by step process to start your first blog.

If creating your own website is too much of a hassle or if you want to test the waters before committing yourself, you can start with a social media platform such as LinkedIn or Medium. We can write long-form content on those platforms just like a blog post.

But trust me, having your own website is totally worth it.

Do your own research and choose the platform most suitable for your conditions.

Writing is important to improve your online presence and search results. This is one of the ways you can build your personal brand. 

Here is a summary to paint a full picture.

  • What shows on google tells a story about you. So mind your whole online presence. (Not just social media presence.)
  • Your website is a great way to show who you are.
  • Tell your story using both content and appearance of your website.
  • Write what’s in your mind. Share what brings value to your audience.
  • Network on social media. Strengthen the relationship using your blog.


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