Social media marketing is not about managing a Facebook page.

It's about solving business challenges

If you expect to grow your business using social media, you must think beyond increasing the number of likes and followers. What if you can do more than maintaining online presence of your business?

Something I have personally noticed is that businesses look at social media as a way to promote or sell something. Many people are so focused on growing the number of likes or followers.

But I look at social media as a way to provide solutions to overcome business challenges.

For example in my case, I’m trying to build a business but I’m young and new. People don’t trust me. They don’t know what my capabilities are.

Social media brought new avenues for budding entrepreneurs to build trust.

Selling your product or service is one thing, but getting to know people and helping them to achieve their goals without having an intention to sell is a whole other thing. It builds trust.

For me, it doesn’t matter how many followers I have. What matters is how deep the relationships I build.

That is one way to use social media to overcome business challenges.

When I provide services to a business, I always look for the business goals & challenges. Then we can design strategies to implement using social media.

You can do much more than maintaining a Facebook page to post daily updates.

Try to identify the challenges you have in your business at the moment. It can also be a certain goal that your team trying to achieve. Then see if you can use the power of social media to overcome the challenges or achive those goals.

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