How to find happiness

Don't do this if you want to be happy

We have many things to accomplish in our lives. Especially during the age of 18 – 25 is not easy. In the Sri Lankan context, this is where you start to truly learn.

You have more responsibilities now. You can’t depend on your parents anymore. You have to plan your future, set goals, create income streams, start providing for your family & take care of your parents. 

The list goes on and on and on… pfft…

When you chase all your goals and busy building your life, you might forget what truly makes you happy. Those responsibilities take more priority.

The worst of them all is that we believe it’s okay to sacrifice our present happiness to create a better future.

We work so hard now so we can be happy in the future.

If that’s what you think, you will always chase happiness and would never reach it.

We always need more money,

Want a better phone,

Live in a better house,

Drive our dream car & 

A job title that’s appealing to relatives & neighbors.

We… need… MORE !

So we study hard now,

Work late nights now,

Save money now,

Distant ourselves from family & friends now,

Because we are busy. We work hard now to gain what we desire in the future.

Guess what!

When that future arrives, you will be chasing more targets.

You will never stop running, you will never stop chasing. Because,




That’s human nature.

We tend to chase what we don’t have and forget about what we have already

We become so focused on building our future and we miss out on what we have right now.

So what I learned is that,

Happiness is not something you gain in the future. That’s something you gain by living in the present moment.

1) Find what makes you happy & do what you enjoy.

2) Look around and see all the good things you have. Appreciate it/them.

I have been chasing all these dreams. There are achievements I’m proud of. But at some point, I felt tired.

I felt like I was only running that same rat race.

I realized that sacrificing my present moment to create a better future life is not a successful mindset.

There is so much you can experience in your 20s. You won’t be able to experience the same in your 30s or 40s.

So give yourself a break and be happy now. At the end of the day, what matters is your happiness.

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