Ananda College Photographic Art Society 2013

I was going through some old photos and found a special one which brought back many memories. So I decided to share the story. This is for everyone who is going through a tough time.

What you see in this photo is a person who was extremely passionate in photography, surrounded with some fellow school mates with DSLR cameras.

Wearing an old shirt, hands in the pockets, and no camera in hand to show off. This was 2013.

I had one dream.

Each and every new year, I told myself, “This is the year… This is the year I’m going to buy a DSLR camera.”

But that year never came until 2018.

Let me take you back to 2009.

I remember I went on a school trip and took several photos using a Nokia N70 phone I had back then. That was the time I had this small spark. A little crush for photography.

Then in early 2010, my father bought me a new Nokia 5730. What special was the mobile camera had the ability to focus the subjects in the middle. Previous phone couldn’t do that.

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

My love just exploded. I never stopped taking pictures. Little did I know what started back then would take me this far.

2010 was a turning point in my life,
for many reasons.

Until 2009, I was a spoiled kid with expensive mobile phones. Then 2010 took a whole u-turn. It was the start of everything I do today.

I discovered a new passion which later in life lead me to the creative industry. And then… my parents got separated. I was 14.

I wasn’t able to ask my parents to buy me a new camera. Went through a tough time especially with the financial difficulties.

I loved photography so much, whenever I see a person with a DSLR, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the camera.

Ananda College Photographic Art Society - Kandy
National Photographic Art Society 2016 exhibition

Later I joined Ananda College Photographic Art Society and National Photographic Art Society.

It wasn’t so easy ever since 2010.

Working in those 2 societies was a great experience but had to go through some difficult times during the journey.

I didn’t have a proper camera all these years. Used some budget mobile phones to take pictures. It wasn’t enough but that was all I got.

Whenever I needed a professional camera, I had to ask around from people I know. Sometimes I had to beg for them to help me. But didn’t receive much positive responses.

I was sad.

I was angry.

While many rejected, I still remember those few people who decided to truly help me.

Now this made my love for photography slowly fade away. There were moments with some people that made me think about giving up on my passion.

I never blame my parents for not being able to buy me a camera. It only made me focus on developing myself so that one day I can buy one myself.

Even though I loved photography so much, I never wanted to follow a career as a professional photographer. It was more of a part of my life, a different angle to look at the world around me.

Even today I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. But photography helped me become the person I am today.

By 2018, there wasn’t much of a need to buy a DSLR.

I was hurt… The love faded…

But I had enough to buy a camera. So anyway I bought one as a trophy just to prove myself that I achieved one of my goals.

For others, it’s just another camera. For me, it’s a trophy that remarks all the challenges and tough times that made me stronger.

Some of us are lucky to have the things we require. Some of us have to work harder to earn what we need.

When you have a dream, there will be many obstacles stand against you.

You will face many challenges, go through many struggles.

But that’s what makes it more valuable. Tough times make us strong.

Update: I’m in love with photography again.

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