How to find happiness

When you chase all your goals and busy building your life, you might forget what truly makes you happy. Those responsibilities take more priority. The worst of them all is that we believe it's okay to sacrifice our present happiness to create a better future. We work so hard now so we can be happy in the future. If that's what you think, you will always be chasing happiness and would never reach it.

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Dreams, Struggles, Achievements

An untold story. I was recently going through some old photos and found a special one which brought back many memories. So I decided to share the story. This is for everyone who is going through a tough time. Don't give up!

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Why I created a blog and why you should too.

First, search your name on a search engine such as Google. Then search the name of a popular person. What is the difference you see in the search results? The results you see when you google a name tells a story about that person. So it's important to consider improving your online presence and search results.

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How to influence people

Do you have a great idea and want to get people on board? How do you convince them? How can you get them to join you on your journey? I learned a great lesson about how to influence people and here is my experience.

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