em shaveen

Hello, My name is

Mayantha Shaveen


I believe that the age of 20 – 30 is a crucial stage for a person’s development. Now I understand how important it is to our growth because what we invest in our 20s determines our momentum.

Where we will be in our 30s and 40s will depend on what we do now in our 20s.

I understand how difficult it is to face this stage of life. There’s so much pressure from your own family, friends, and society.

You have to figure out your own life, create income sources from scratch, provide your family and follow your dreams despite the challenges.

It’s never easy.

Each & every person has to go through this stage in their life.

Often you will feel like this is a lonely journey. I have felt the same countless times. That’s why we should support each other.

I decided to find young, passionate, ambitious people just like myself and help them grow while working on my personal growth.

Then we can learn from each other and grow together.